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Foxinator´s Event GM Application :))

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Foxinator´s Event GM Application :)) Empty Foxinator´s Event GM Application :))

Post  Foxinator on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:27 pm

Full name: Ahmet Celik
Date of Birth: 8 July 1997
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Country: The Netherlands,Den Haag
Fluent languages: Dutch,English and a little bit France.
Main language: Dutch.

Hobbies: Thai-Boks and Soccer.
Time zone: (GMT +1)
Character('s): EleeGirl and Foxinator
What is your gaming schedule for FlyForSpear(display in hours) Question Minimun 1- 1/2 hours and max 4 hours at a day. (I´m not so much active as you can see ^^ cause I got alot tests and exams this year and I am working thats why Smile)

About me Laughing:

I got an friendly personality if you know me. I like to help people to reach something for them. Also I like to talk with people about funny things. My goal is to be later an GameDesigner,got 2 years left then il go to high school for an training to be GameDesigner. I just started like 2 weeks ago to create custom items,still working on it. (Cinema4D Modelling Program)

Why do I want to be an GM:?:

I like to be friendly,helping players and solve their problems in game. Also what I most like is giving events to the players,want to make them happy thats one of my specialty. I want to make this server alot more fun with events,funny texts helping with problems etc that the players will tell to their friends: Oh this server is soo nice come and join this server, you will not regret!

Why should we choose you instead of other members applying Question

It really doesnt matter me so much,I just want for this server the best new GM/CM which is funny in game,creative in game just like me Very Happy I just fill in my application and then just lets hope for the best ^^

Do I have any experience as GM Question

No,I don´t have any experience of that because I never applicated only in this server.

What will I do as an GM Question

I will do much like helping players with their problems,answering their questions,making the server more fun,to let people laugh in game,listen their idea´s and as most giving events. I will try to make this server famous, also once 2 days will give an invasion near Aibatss before I leave.

How long do I play this server and eFlyff Question

Well I play like 1 week this server and eFlyff 3-4 years,I don´t remember it so good.

What do I want to tell Question

Well I made many friends with just about everyone! That's one of the things I love about small communities, it's like one big family cheers

#I"m very creative in the server Exclamation

Foxinator´s Event GM Application :)) Follow
Follow the rules and I will I love you you!


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