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Squirtle's GM Apply

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Squirtle's GM Apply Empty Squirtle's GM Apply

Post  AmazingSquirtle on Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:59 pm

Hello, My Name is Andy and im here to make my Application for being GM on Fly For Spear.

My Apply can be done for:
- Event GM.
- Head GM.
- Co-ADM.
- ETC...

Ok, Lets start it...

General Questions:

Question #1- Complete Name?
- Andre Cazella Ferreira
Question #2- Where ur From?
- Sao Paulo, Brazil
Question #3- How old Are you?
- I'm 18 Years Old
Question #4- What Languages ur fluent in?
- English and Portuguese-BR + a bit of Spanish.
Question #5- In general, how many time ur usually online?
- Like 3 or 4 hours a day, since im at college.
Question #6- What's ur GMT?
- GMT-3 [Amazon Standard Time]

Thank you, lets proceed to job questions.

Job questions:

Question #1- What Can u do For FlyForSpear?
- Im a very determinated person, everytime I work for something I do my best to get it to the best.
Its been like that in all servers i worked for, in my own limitations i worked hard to improve the players pleasure for being in such server.
As being an Event GM, i have such good ideas for events and Event systems.
As Head GM i can preety make control and secure that Other GM's are making a God Job in benefit of the server, and work with my team to increase players and obviously, The fun.
As a Co-ADM, even without knowing how to manage server files or so, I can still help the ADM to get the server to work propely.

Question #2- As Event GM, what ideas u have?
I have some event ideas that I implemented in other servers and were succesfully done and approved.
I'll show some of them to you.

Event ideas:

#1- Asal & Hop Competition: Higher damage wins, preety simple.

#2- Kill The GM event: GM will use normal itens to they can duel the players and see if someone can kill them who kills the GM wins.

#3- Quest General: I'll make up real flyff quests for people bring me stuff, but not only quest itens, but also food and weaps that drop from such monsters.

#4- Kill The Giant event: 2 giants will be spawned to each char and they'll have to kill it in a period of time who kill faster or kills in the right time wins.

#5- Fashions CS set Contest: GMs will avaliate who have the most beautiful CS set on server that is online and up for the event.

#6- Video Contests: Players will make videos about the server and post on the Video Section to GM's avaliation: The best video wins! The event goes on for 1 week.

#7- SFX contests: Players will have to make new weapons, sets, fashions sets and shields desings. The best of any categories win. Event goes on for undetermined Time.

#8- Race for HERO: Players will have to make new chars and make them HERO. Who ever gets it first wins a special prize!

#9- Flopp Rainbow Race: This event needs 2 GM's one will go to a destination and announce the start. The other GM will go with the Competitors to be sure no one use blinkwing or CE.

Question #3: Andy, Have u ever been GM in other server?
- Yes, I've been GM on 13 servers, some of em died really fast so i couldnt stay for long but others i worked for long time.

Here's a List of Them:
#1. uFlyff.
#2. HardFlyff.
#3. TriumphFlyff.
#4. FlyForFear.
#5. DarkFusionFlyff.
#6. Spectre Flyff.
#7. Dear Flyff.
#8. FlyForNothing.
#9. FlyForKing. (v11 BR server)
#10. FlyForGenX.
#11. FlyForFaith.
#12. NinjaFlyff.
#13. FlyForProud.
#14. EscoFlyff.
#15. FlyForFloop.
#16. FlyffBrazuca.

Personal Questions.
Question #1- Tell us a Bit About urself...
- Im a 18 years old normal kid, who goes to college by 7am.
My School friends are crazy, that's why maybe that i love them
Im on College studying Engineering.
I come back from school at 12pm and stay home studying or playing some flyff or PS3.
When im home i turn on computer and play flyff while singing or playing sumthign, or just listening to music.
Well, That's what i can tell you guys. Im a trustable, friendale, annoying but a very nice partner for all the time.

Final Question- What's ur Plan for Future?

Be a FlyForSpear GM and Help lots of people, and of course be an Engineer!

Hope everyone readed and liked, please comment or rate my apply bellow, thank you.
Squirtle, always at your command.

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Squirtle's GM Apply Empty Re: Squirtle's GM Apply

Post  Peace on Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:27 pm

Interesting application.

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