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PrivateValentine GM Application

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PrivateValentine GM Application Empty PrivateValentine GM Application

Post  PrivateValentine on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:55 am

Real name:
Charmaigne Kim Hyeon

Where I live:
I live in Phillipines

My age:21 years old

I play a lot of time in Flyff

LVL 150

Time zone:

I play very much time in flyff

music and all sports

Flyff experience:
I started to play FlyFF in the official server with my cousin. After 1 year I left the official server and started to play Private servers. I was Game Master in other 3 Flyff Game but the servers now are off because they need many donations. I play Demonflyff, FlyForph, FlyForhero and other 5 servers but I forgot the name of these servers. In FlyForFurtune I was Event Team. Now I play FlyforSpear, I like it, it’s pretty great and amazing.I continue to play it. I started to play FlyForSpear with my cousin’s character and now I have my character PrivateValentine
About me:
I’m a very friendly person. I like all sports and I like music. I play football and basket with my friends every week in the week-end. I hate incorrect and foolish people. I’m a very active player in Flyff; 5-6h/day. I can speak English and Tagalog (no others). I am a supportive person, I like to help people. I rarely get angry or upset, I’m actually a quiet and peaceful person.

Aim as a GameMaster:

I want to help other characters with their problem
I want to create events just for fun

I want to apply to this Job because:

I like to help other player
and i want to make a contribution to this community.. Because community in FlyforSpear, to my opinion, needs some adjustments. I believe I’m right for this job,

Answer this apply in comments.
Thank you!
I will wait for your answer. Have a nice day!

This is my aplication hope you like it



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