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I want to be a GM

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I want to be a GM Empty I want to be a GM

Post  fukulot19 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:38 pm

John Vincent Cruz

Fluent Language:
• English
• Filipino


Current Age:
17 turning to 18

January 10, 1994

• Surfing the web
• Playing Flyff
• Playing all kinds of sports
-> Basketball
-> Volleyball

Well, some of my interests are learning and taking classes to have a college degree and to find

good job for me to have best life

In this section we will ask you questions about you're general flyff expieriances, please answer


How long have you played FLYFF overall?
Fly for Celestia for 1 and half year
iFlyff for 1 year
eFlyff for 6 months

Have you had any professional experiances towards helping players, if so, please state the rough

things you have helped them with, e.g; I helped someone locate Catacombs when they asked.(?)
Well, yes I have helped someone locate the Catacombs, but have also helped people who were brand

new to the server and didn't know where to even begin. So I told them about the voting process

and how they get some items here to sell so they can have penya , and also explained to many

people about Donations and how all of that stuff works. So yes I would say I am patient enough

to deal with any question they have for me.

Anyway, concerning simple helpful deeds in-game, I've encountered several ones such as:

• Someone asked me about what the boss drops are

• Someone asked where he could locate the 1-click job changer NPCs

• A guy asked me if I could spare some perins for a beginner such as himself. I gave him 5

perins to start out and didn't exceed that limit, then I just gave him tips on how to farm

penya/perins fast.

Heres some questions we would like you to answer for your knowledge in flyff.

Can you list 3 main bosses in Flyff?
• [Deathbringer] Kheldor
• [God of Death] Ankou
• [General] Razgul

When was Flyff first released?
if I'm not mistaken, the game was first released last December, 2002. It was developed by Gala

Lab (formerly known as Aeonsoft), and the game was first named as Clockworks Ltd. before it was

changed into Flyff last 2003.

What date was v17 released?
v17 Champions of Madrigal was released May 24, 2011.

Here's some questions for the place you're applying to.

What place are you applying for?
Game Master

How can you help the server?
As my belief eversince I started playing Flyff, a server's wellness is reflected by the GMs the

game has. Obviously if a GM has devilish actions or corrupt/unfair treatment towards the

players, it would cause people to DESPISE the server. So what I wanna do if by chance I get

picked as a new Support GM is to introduce a whole new innovative system to the players such as

Fun & Challenging Events. In this way, people would be more into the game/server and honestly I

think it would a hundred percent help the community of Dope Flyff grow.

The following questions are only for Supporter. Please answer truthfully.

If a random player is swearing his chest off to you saying you reply slow or why are you AFK,

For example. ''Fuck you bitch I asked you a question 2 minutes ago! fuck youuuuuuu you don't

deserve you're spot go to hell noob'' how will you tackle this situation?
I'd approach the individual professionally. I'll reply to him/her to calm down and stop flaring

up. I'll explain to him/her that I was AFK for awhile b'coz I needed to attend to important

matters in a jiff. Then I would let him/her state his concerns again and try to answer it.

If you're having a bad day, and you can't be arsed with players nagging you for help, what would

you do?
If I were a GM, I know I have sole duties & responsibilities to do for the server and one of it

is to comply to the satisfaction of the players. I'd set aside the matters causing my bad mood,

but I would also be honest with them if ever I'm up to the request/help they seek from me. I

mean like if people would ask me to do events/invasions or stuffs like that, I will remind them

that a GM is not a person to be bossed around, and that they should just wait and be patient

until I announce it through system chats.

I think that's about it for my application form. Hope you guys would spare time to read it.


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I want to be a GM Empty Re: I want to be a GM

Post  pznc on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:13 pm

Please stop copy pasting other applications. Better if you'll make your own, just like what most of the applicants did.

Proof: Click me :3

Be fair. Wink Hope you'd change/edit your application. Wish ya luck ! Smile

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I want to be a GM Empty Re: I want to be a GM

Post  fukulot19 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:32 pm

i think hes the one who copy paste, becoz this is my own...


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I want to be a GM Empty Re: I want to be a GM

Post  CG-Kimi on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:58 pm

True2, copy paste ..
don't deny it, coz, an AMERICAN, copying a application form of a Filipino, hell no.
Have originality, PUT your own knowledge, be true to yourself, u want being a GM, u don't deserve it, coz u've LIED, at first, and u can LIE, till the end.

PS:Being true to yourself, Having Basic Knowledge, Nice attitude, Professionalism, Common Sense, Honesty are the traits of a GM, do you have them? for now NO, make your own application form, so we, players and staffs can see your true self.



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I want to be a GM Empty Re: I want to be a GM

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