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[Application]Chuck GM Application.

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[Application]Chuck GM Application. Empty [Application]Chuck GM Application.

Post  Chuck. on Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:55 am

Name: Joshua Paul Y. Pandeling

My Age: 13 Years Young

Gender : Male


My Experience in Past Servers of GM ,
If you've ever been one : no but, i help people as much as i can in the past servers i've been in I've been playing on Private Servers since i think Odin MS came out, but other than that I've been around plenty of servers to know whats going on in Private Severs.

What you Think that You Will Improve :
The player surroundings and the behavior of the players and how they would act around each other and know that there is a consequence for what they do.

Skills Involving In Game Activity :
Amazing Stamina(aka, All nighters) but other than that, im really friendly to all the player's and im very helpful.

Emphasize your Opinions on Why you should be picked :
I will use good judgement on what is going on. I'll be on alot, and Im trustworthey and I am patient and I will always give my all, no matter what the situation. I would treat every player fairly as i would to any GM or Staff Members.

Are you responsible to be Trusted? If so, Why should I Trust you. :
Yes i am responsible to be trusted. I am mature, I'll handle the situation like anybody else would, I'll keep a watchful eye on what is going on, and i will be nice and friendly about, and I wouldn't disrespect any other staff member.

What is your plan Once you are Accepted :
Be the Best GM that I can be, I wont slack off I'll give 150% on all I do and all I try to do. I would make this server more fun by adding in events and what not to spicen up the server.

And a Final Test :

A player is spamming Megaphones Constantly and lagging the server. They are Smegaing Profanity about GM's and other players. What will you do to stop them? Do you think Your punishment was logical and fair? Why was it Fair or Not fair?
I would warn them once, it should only take one time for them to get it in there heads, i would mute them for 20 from smega-ing and chat, then when they can talk again, ill warn them that they will get banned, and i see them do it again i would ban them permanently. Yes it was fair, they had a warning and they continued to do it so its not my fault, its theres.

A player Was Caught Hacking with Damage Hack , What Will you do to Punish them? Ban Them? What kind of ban is fair to the player?
I would first find them and hide(turn invisible) and watch if they are trully hacking then take a screen shot and showing a higher ranking GM and ask for his/hers advice and I ban them permanently, they should'nt have been hacking in the first place, there playing on a private server they shouldnt need to hack with all the advantages given to them already.

My Name: Joshua Paul Y. Pandeling.

Why I want to be picked:
I wanna be a GM because; I will be 100% dedicated to the server, I'll be on constantly trying my hardest, and my best. I will be friendly, fair, and use good judgement to all my decisions, I will be a good GM if you pick me, all theres left to do is find out, i wouldnt mind being an intern so i can learn more about being an actual GM, but i'll be okay with any job, I'll be what you need me to be, whatever is best for the server is what I'm willing to do..


Thanks for Reading.

- Chuck. afro


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[Application]Chuck GM Application. Empty Re: [Application]Chuck GM Application.

Post  LonelyBoy on Sun Dec 04, 2011 8:37 am

HAHAHAHA. Copy Paste lang yan. Tama ba ako ?


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[Application]Chuck GM Application. Empty Re: [Application]Chuck GM Application.

Post  Chuck. on Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:37 pm

Hala. pag sure dong.



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[Application]Chuck GM Application. Empty Re: [Application]Chuck GM Application.

Post  Taka on Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:44 pm

Is this Copy , pasted?


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[Application]Chuck GM Application. Empty Re: [Application]Chuck GM Application.

Post  Chuck. on Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:48 pm


Hindi po. ginamit ko nga to pag Apply ko sa Celestia eh.




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[Application]Chuck GM Application. Empty Re: [Application]Chuck GM Application.

Post  CG-Kimi on Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:17 pm

if u used that in applying in celestia, then u must be famillar with me.

Forum name and IGN please, Smile

and yeah, I remember that application used by someone in celestia.


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[Application]Chuck GM Application. Empty Re: [Application]Chuck GM Application.

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