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GM Application For Fly For Spear.

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GM Application For Fly For Spear.

Post  SlimShady on Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:35 pm

Name: Kevin Hu
Birthday: February 21 1996
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Country: The Netherlands(You can call it Holland to.)
City: Baarle - Nassau
Hobbies: I LOVE SOCCER cheers Razz
Language: English,Dutch
Time Zone: The Netherlands (GMT+1)
In game Character('s):Tattoo

About me:

Hi my name is Kevin Hu.
I got a friendly personality if u get to know me. I like helping people if they have questions. It's not like i will be ignoring them. If i know how to help players i will always find a way to help them, But if i don't know the answer on their question i would advise them to a other GM. And i really like soccer Very Happy.

Why do you want to become a GM in fly for spear?

As i said i like to help people solve their questions/problems. But also if their are any problems in game like : spammers/scammers/advertisers or people that are cursing. I would be there to solve those problems. But like most applying players, I would like to be an event GM because i wanna keep the players active and make the server grow.

Why should i be chosen as GM? And not the other players that are applying?

Because i am patient, but i got my limits. I have no secrets for the players.

Do you have any experience as GM?

Sadly enough i would have to say no. Because it's really hard to get into a position like a GM. But ofcourse i hope to become a GM.

What will you do if you were hired/aproved as GM?

Ofcourse i will be online alot, and host many events. And help people with their problems/questions. I'll bring alot of fun to the server.

What will you do if you aren't hired as GM?

I will continue as a normal Fly For Spear player and have fun like i always do.

Being a GM can be very hard and you have to put up alot with other players. Despite knowing this, why do you still want to apply for GM?

I know it is a hard job to be a GM, but this doesn't make it less exciting for me. Because for so far i know it is very cool to be a GM.

What is your playing schedule?

Well i just started playing Fly For Spear for almost a week now, but i play everyday a week. From Monday till Friday i play for like 8 to 14 hours. And in the weekends i play for like 8 to 10 hours. Because in the weekends i need to help in the restaurant my Mom and Dad own. But after work i always come back online again to play.

How long have you been playing flyff?
I have played Eflyff for like 1-2 years then i quited and started playing on private servers. I have played many private servers for some examples:
-Fly For Spear
-Monster Flyff
-Insanity Flyff
-Eclipse Flyff
-Fly For Democracy
-Mushmoot Flyff
-Eden Flyff
-Symphonia Flyff
-International Flyff
-Dope Flyff
-Xtacy Flyff

Well thats all of what i can think of now.

Goodluck to me cheers
And i hope i will be hired as GM Cool


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