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Dubai "(event)GM application"

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Dubai "(event)GM application" Empty Dubai "(event)GM application"

Post  iDubai on Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:10 pm

Gm Application
Real First Name: Beriar. Everyone calls me Berry
Age: 17 Very Happy
Main Character Name: BlackBerry
Country of Residence: The Netherlands
City of Residence: Utrecht
Timezone(GMT):+1 GMT
Languages you speak fluently: English, Dutch, Arabic, I can read german cant speack it really good. Razz
Main: Language: Dutch
What is your gaming schedule for FlyForSpear(display in hours)? example: 5 hours i can spend each day in the server.

I can spend each day at least 12 hours in game. And 3 hours helping people in chat/forum. I can spend that much time, because i have vacation! Very Happy

Tell us a little about your personality:
I love to play games. I am like everyday 12 hours on the pc. I am going to school, but in my school everyone has a notebook. And that’s why I can join chat. And help people if I am at school. If I come back I can play and help people.

I am friendly, and love to help new people. I respect people and I expect that they will respect me to. I listen to everyone so if I make a event they all will enjoy it.

I am really good with working in a team. I always make the right decisions! And if I doubt, I will ask my team mate!

How long have you been with FlyForSpear For?
I am here for a pretty long time. than i quit cause i had to much school work

What are your goals as a Gamemaster here at our server?

Helping people, listen to what they got. Making fun events so everyone will enjoy. Making this server really big, and if I start with being nice and giving Fun and amazing events I expect that it will happen!

Why should we choose you instead of other members applying?
I am really polite. I respect everyone. I don’t mind to listen what the players got to tell.
I got good experience. I can make fun events. And I will give 150% to see all the players happy! AND I CAN WORK REALLY GOOD IN A TEAM!!!

Have you been a GM or had any staff experiences before IN A FLYFF SERVER? (your allowed the mention NAME if you post a WEBSITE that's AGAINST the rules and YOU WILL BE BANNED.

I have been gm in like 10 other servers from 3 years ago till now. Staff experience(working in a team) was fun. Till they closed the servers.

Have you ever been kicked, muted or banned from our server? (TRUTH)
Nop in the 3 years playing flyff private server I never been kicked, muted or banned!
Have you ever received any infraction/warning on the forums?
Never been warned/infraction

If accepted, what will you bring to the GM team?
Happiness, stimulation, respect and politeness, and I am always open for a hint or a tip!!


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