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Shinigami Event Gamemaster Application :)

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Shinigami Event Gamemaster Application :) Empty Shinigami Event Gamemaster Application :)

Post  Shinigami on Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:41 am

Name: Mark Patrick Joseph D.C Parungao
Nickname: Patrick
Primary Language: Filipino
Secondary Languages: English

Why should I be chosen as a Event GM at Spear Flyff:
Because I have the personality that a Event GM should have, I've been an Active GM's at other server but I quited because the server wasn't good as I expected, So as a result I am Applying as a GM at your server because for me, This server surely rock's! It has so many active players and the server is always stable. The special thing i like about this server is the self customized item's by the developer's. The item's are so super duper brilliant and i have a lot events.

GM/Player Expirience: I joined the world of Flyff nearly 3 years ago (begin of 2008). I made a Knight on the official Philippine Server and played it until around level 8x-ish. I mentioned that you have to spend way too much money to enjoy the game itself and thought about quitting. The point, where I left was, when my guild got disbanded due to inactivity of most members. This was around December 2008. After a short flyff-break (begin of 2009) I googled and found the p-server scene, on top at that time was FlyForFame, the only private server which offered a great gameplay. I joined there, became active in the forums and ingame. After some failing applications I made it to the staff and became Event Brainer. Not a big job, but I was proud to be part of the staff. After some time I applied for different jobs (and failed at some applications x]), but finally became Moderator, and a short time after that, GameMaster.

What are your goals as a Gamemaster : I can help this server through entertaining questions of the player's, I can also recruit lots of player's. I will tell them to play this server because it has a lot of surprises and this server is always stable. I will tell them to vote always and I myself will also vote every 12 hour's. I will also recruit my schoolmates to play this server. But! , this i promised most, Even thought they are my close friend's, I will never ever give them item's or help them leveling.
I will treat this job as a real life based job.

I if accepted, what will you bring to the GM team : I plan to make this server more lively, I'm gonna recruit active player's and tell them to donate to enjoy the game more than they ever did. I'm gonna Spread Vote link's via Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, multiply, youtube comments, and Group messages at Yahoo Messenger. I will do my very best to make the population of this server grow bigger. I will follow the rule's and order's given to me. I promise to obey it without any lie's or failures. I know being a GM is not an easy job, especially on answering the problem's of many player's, But as i said I will do my best to satisfy them on my work.

About My Self : Ok, my name is Aaron, Im living in a little village in the west of Philippines, together with my two big sisters, my parents, my grandmother and my little nephew.In my freetime I enjoy hanging around with friends, playing Flyff, surfing in the internet and this forum.
I also love dancing. I'm currently in a ballroom-latin-dance formation, which fills a big part of my freetime. Im a crazy, funny but also a very serious person on the other side. I know, when it's time for a dumb joke and when it's the point to be quiet for a moment. I also adore musicals, one of my big passions; everything from Sweeney Todd, Mary Poppins, Wicked and all the other wonderful combinations of music, art and theatre.

If you accept me i would do anything and i play fair with the other players Smile
Ask some question and i will answer that.


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