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Post  TheOneAndOnlyBanana on Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:20 am

IGN: BananaMan
Age: 17 years old
Current Location: Philippines

Any experience being a FlyFF GM?
Yes, I have! I was a former Event GM of Luxury FlyFF. I've made so many events like Bingo and QnA with a twist event. With my vast knowledge on everything, I may bring fun in the community whereas all players will be involved.

Why you want to be an Event GM?
-As I have said, with my vast knowledge, I can make events that others have not done yet.
-I am a good English speaker. I know how to punctuate every sentences I say and I know how a verb can agree with its subject. You'll not get annoyed with me.
-There are these ideas that I haven't tried so I want to try it now. I'm sure it'll be fun.
-I can promote peace and camaraderie in the community with just a snap of my fingers. Razz
-I am a patient guy. Even if I am annoyed with you, I'll still help you until you are good to go. Razz
-I am an approachable guy. You can say your concerns with me, anything.
-With my 4-year experience in playing FlyFF, maybe I can call myself now as a veteran.

Some information about you.
-loving Razz
-if you want to know more about me, follow me on Twitter, @Jeorrp Razz

Just like REXONA, if you'll give me this opportunity, I won't let you down. Smile

"No catastrophe with the banana."


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