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Zyphy's GM App Empty Zyphy's GM App

Post  Zyphy on Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:03 am

Name: Josh / Zyphy
Age: 22
Birthday: 22 March, 1989
Location: San Diego, United States
Sex: Male
Timezone: gmt - 8
IGN: Zyphy / Sprackle

Language: English, some Tagalog

I like to keep things simple so here goes.

My name is Josh, I'm 22, from the USA, and I'd like to apply to be a GM here at Fly For Spear.
I have been playing FlyFF since day 1 of closed beta and pretty much know the in and outs of the game really well.
My main reason for applying, is because I find that no GM's are on during American hours and I believe that me and my timezone would be a help to the server.
My past experience with servers is pretty large, I have owned a couple of servers, been an Admin, Game Master, Moderator, right down to a chat mod.
I also have experience with c++ and security, but am just applying for a GM position.

I'm pretty easy going, I tend to get along with everyone I meet and actually enjoy working with people.
I can pull about 8-10 hours in game a day (Few hours more during Friday-Sunday), depending on how busy I am as I also work out of game.
I can abide by the rules set for being a GM.
I believe with my past experience and know-how, I would be a good candidate for the position.

I can't really think of much more at the moment, will update as I go.

Please leave your criticism. If you would like my msn contact info pm me ingame @ Zyphy.

Thanks for reading.

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Zyphy's GM App Empty Legit

Post  Cheshire on Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:07 pm

I've been playing with Zyphy for several years over quite a few versions and several different servers and I can say that I haven't met anyone that knows more than he does about this game and how it's run. He has held several staff positions including GM and Admin and has always had a positive impact on the quality of life and stability of the servers. He also remains professional in-game and doesn't play favorites like many that I've seen staff private servers.

I can tell you that if you give him a staff position you will definitely not regret it and, in fact, will be quite thankful that you did.


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Zyphy's GM App Empty Re: Zyphy's GM App

Post  Madeon on Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:09 pm

Nice app, worked with him a while ago. Responsible worker. Good luck <3


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Zyphy's GM App Empty Sounds promising

Post  Peace on Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:54 pm

I know this guy from Sapphire server before. So this is me Peace/PeaceOut.

He's responsible and communicates well with the players.

He aint snob and will help players in anyway he can.

Good Application and Goodluck.

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Zyphy's GM App Empty Re: Zyphy's GM App

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