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Post  trish16 on Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:56 am

Trisha Shin Castro
Xat Username:
Fluent Language:
Current Age:
Dec 16 1993
playing games
interested in becoming a nurse someday

In this section we will ask you questions about you're general flyff expieriances, please answer truthfully.

How long have you played FLYFF overall?:I played for almost 7 years

How long have you played Flyforspearf? 2 weeks

Have you had any professional experiances towards helping players, if so, please state the rough things you have helped them with, e.g; I helped someone locate Catacombs when they asked.(?)
I always help them I stayed in flaris so when ever someone ask me how to change job I lead them to where they’re supposed to go.

Here's some questions for the place you're applying to.

What place are you applying for? I would like to apply for Game Master (already have an Experience in other server as assistant Head Game master)
How can you help the server?
there are many ways to help the server for example someone ask on how to change job so I will lead them and teach them how and I will hunt those people who do more then an ordinary player can like hacking and scamming….

Flyff Experience as a player:
I still remember when I first play flyff . I was about 12 years old, I’ve played more than 3 Private server flyff and have been a GM on 1 of them now I’m already 18 years old and I would like to share my knowledge and experiences as a GM on the other side I’ve been on my best as a GM and I would like to do it here on dope as well
Flyff Experience as a GM:
As a GM its really not an easy task but I’m already used to cause every time I online players flood me with question and reports but I will do my best to answer them all some of it may not be answered cause I need some assistance with the admin and I know lots of GM list and if I will be lucky to be part of this dope flyff team I can assure you you wont regret me I’ve already have an experience on conducting events and lot more …
Personal information:
my name is arnel joseph losdoc I’m 18 years old. I’m from bohol Philippines I’m studying nursing course and now I’m on 3rd year I’m a gamer type student so when ever there is break I play and i don’t do sports I just play and play cause that’s my hobby and now I just keep on spending my time playing flyff…

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