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Unfaded's GM Application for FlyForSpear

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Unfaded's GM Application for FlyForSpear Empty Unfaded's GM Application for FlyForSpear

Post  Unfaded on Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:00 am

Good day to you guys, for those who would have the time to read my appli, especially to the Spear Flyff Staffs. I just had to give this a shot since I learned from my ingame buds that you guys are hiring a new staff member and I do think that I possess skills and intelligence that would benefit the server's development. So please do bear with me, it's kinda lengthy *peace* Wink

Joseph Kenrich Louie Tan



Fluent Language:
Chinese (Mandarin)

Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Current Age:

May 18, 1990

Online Time:
I can pretty much be online for about 16-18 hours a day. I'm just @ home, and i have my gaming laptop and own PC. I never miss a day to go online for GM responsibilities.

Surfing the net during my leisure time
Playing PC games (mainly Flyff)
Engaging in outdoor games
-> Badminton
-> Basketball
-> Baseball
-> Football

Well ATM, im waiting for the December 2011 Nursing Licensure Examination Results. I do hope I make it and pass, and finally become a Registered Nurse. At the same time, I wanna have the chance to experience becoming a GM in a well-known server such as FlyForSpear.

In this section we will ask you questions about you're general flyff experiences, please answer truthfully.

How long have you played FLYFF overall?
I had been circulating the Flyff World for the past 9 years. I have played in official servers such as Flyff PH and eFlyff, and I also tried several private servers (which would be appropriate not to mention their titles anymore).

How long have you played Spear Flyff?
I started playing Spear Flyff just a month ago. I kinda stopped playing for awhile that time to focus myself on my preparation for the NLE. And proud to say that now I'm done with it and just sitting around the house waiting for the results to come out, I've returned and ready to dedicate my online playing schedule to serving this server.

Have you had any professional experiances towards helping players, if so, please state the rough things you have helped them with, e.g; I helped someone locate Catacombs when they asked.(?)
I kinda perceived this question emphasizing on the words "PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE". I would just like to share that I've been an Admin/GM before on another active pserver which is almost similar to Spear Flyff, but that was til' they kicked me out of the staff team for a single honest mistake which I did not do. Players wanted me back for I was the MOST ACTIVE among the staffs, but then the owner without hesitation IP Banned me. And so I just thought that it wasn't my lose, it was his lose for letting go of his MOST CREATIVE and AGILE GM.

Anyway, concerning simple helpful deeds in-game, I've encountered several ones such as:

Someone asked me about what the boss drops are

Someone asked where he could locate the 1-click job changer NPCs

A guy asked me if I could spare some perins for a beginner such as himself. I gave him 2 perins to start out and didn't exceed that limit so not to tolerate him from being dependent, then I just gave him tips on how to farm penya/perins fast. I also endorsed the voting system on the website wherein one can be credited with 10 perins per vote.

How can you help the server?
As my belief eversince I started playing Flyff, a server's wellness is reflected by the GMs the game has. Obviously if a GM has devilish actions or corrupt/unfair treatment towards the players, it would cause people to DESPISE the server. So what I wanna do if by chance I get picked as a new GM is to introduce a whole new innovative system to the players such as Fun & Challenging Events. In this way, people would be more into the game/server and honestly I think it would a hundred percent help the community of Spear Flyff grow.

If you're having a bad day, and you can't be arsed with players nagging you for help, what would you do?
As a GM (if ever), I know I have sole duties & responsibilities to do for the server and one of it is to comply to the satisfaction of the players. I'd set aside the matters causing my bad mood, but I would also be honest with them if ever I'm up to the request/help they seek from me. I mean like if people would ask me to do events/invasions or stuffs like that, I will remind them that a GM is not a person to be bossed around, and that they should just wait and be patient until I announce it through system chats.

Yahoo Mail = ken_anatomy@yahoo.com
Skype = ken.tan518

That about wraps it up. I'm looking forward on receiving replies about my appli.
Hope I would be granted the chance to take on the uplifting responsibilities of a GM again.
*crossing fingers*

I think that's about it for my application form. Thank you guys for sparing time to read it.
Sorry BTW for the lengthy answers, I just had to type it in because of the word "TRUTHFULLY".
Credits to Red Crimson for the Application Format.
Very Happy


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